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RCES K-1 Classes visit Town Hall
Posted on Friday October 20, 2017
Rutherford College Elementary 1st grade and kidnergarten students visited Town Hall on October 19, 2017. These students got a tour of Town Hall, learned about the history of the Town and got to hold a Council Meeting!
These students got a tour of Town Hall, learned about the history of the Town and got to hold a Council Meeting! The newly elected Clerk, Mayor, Manager and Council Members were all sworn in and conducted some very important business during the meeting. There were multiple topics discussed including, what new playground equipment should be installed at the park, what type of Halloween event should be put on for the Town and what type(s) of animals should not be allowed in the City limits? It was a very successful meeting! Read the minutes for a full account of the business that was conducted.


October 19, 2017

9:00 am

 OATH OF OFFICE FOR ELECTED OFFICIALS: The current Town Clerk, Mrs. Bargsley, issued the Oath of Office to the following newly elected officials:

Mayor: Ansley Compton
Council Member: Emma Edwards
Council Member: Alex Mann
Council Member: Nolan Russ
Council Member: Ian Meadows
Council Member: Lacy Goforth
Council Member: Claire Huffman
Town Clerk: Ian Vue
Town Manager: Julia Niehoff

 CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Ansley Compton called the meeting to order with all Council members present.

 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Council Nolan Russ led the Pledge of Alegiance.

 MANAGER'S REPORT: Manager Julia Niehoff had not report to give the Council at this time.


 Playground Equipment for Town Park: The Council was asked to consider a new piece of equipment for the Town Park. Council Russ recommended a climbing pole while Council Mann suggested a water park. Council Goforth stated she would like to see more swings in the park as well. Council Meadows made a motion to purchase a climbing pole for the town park. Vote was unanimous.

Halloween Celebration for Town Citizens: The Council was asked to consider what type of event they would like to have for the citizens on Halloween night. Council Goforth stated that she would like to see a large spiderweb display set up. Council Mann stated that a very large pumpkin would be nice to set up and carve in front of Town Hall. Council Russ stated that a spooky rollercoaster would be perfect for the citizens. Council Russ made a motion to purchase a spooky rollercoaster for the citizens to ride on Halloween night. Vote was as follows: Council Russ, Mann, Edwards, and Goforth voted yea; Council Meadows and Huffman voted nay. Vote passed by majority vote.

Amend Town Ordinance/ Animal Ownership Limits
: The Council was asked to considered amending the Town Ordinance to restrict certain animals as pets. Council Mann suggest Gorillas should not be pets, while Council Meadows suggested bears and Council Edwards suggested wolves. Council Huffman stated that snakes should not be allowed as well. Council Russ stated that cats should be restricted but several members of the audience became outraged as well as Council Edwards. After much deliberation, Council Meadows made a motion to restrict both wolves and bears from being household pets. Votes was as follows: Council Mann, Meadows, Edwards, Huffman, and Goforth voted yea, while Council Russ voted nay. Vote passed by majority vote.


Several members of the audience had complaints or concerns for the Council. One citizen stated that his dog had lost his collar and asked what he should do.  Council Russ responded by telling him that he should purchase a collar and put it on his dog as all dogs should be collared.

 Another citizen was concerned about crime in the area. He stated that someone had broken into his house and he would like the Council to do something about it. Mayor Compton stated that she would be in contact with Sheriff Whisnant to address the issue.

 The last citizen to express her concerns stated that she was disappointed in the vote to restrict bears and wolves in the city limits. She stated that it was unfair to the animals as they have a right to this area just as people do. Mayor Compton clarified that the vote was not intended for wild animals only those kept in captivity as pets.

 ADJOURN: Mayor Compton adjourned the meeting at 9:40 pm.

 Respectfully submitted by:                                                            Approved by:

Ian Vue                                                                                            Ansley Compton

Town Clerk                                                                                      Mayor

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