Message from the Mayor 04/22/2020

Posted on Wednesday April 22, 2020
Mayor Gary McClure gives an update on COVID-19.

Since my last update April 7th there have been a number of positive indicators giving many of us a new sense of optimism. At the same time though, we have witnessed the demonstrations taking place across the country, as many are feeling the frustrations and stress of dealing with the restrictions imposed by governors and mayors. Not being able to work, go out to diner, visit with family and friends etc. all takes its toll on everyone. The good news we are seeing, is the number of new cases being reported are beginning to level off, an indication that what we have been doing is working. Dr. Fauci President Trump’s director of NIAID suggest we have in place ample testing and tracking capabilities at the state level as we begin to reopen the economy.  It will take efforts from both the federal and state governments to put Dr. Fauci’s plan in place. I am confident we see these efforts start taking shape soon and we can start returning to some sense of normalcy. We are all in this together so let’s make sure we watch out for one another and stay safe.


There are many misleading numbers about COVID-19. Please use these links to get verifiable data.