(Holds dual office of Town Clerk & Finance Officer)

Duties include:
  • Disbursement and accounting of municipal funds
  • Reconciliation of bank statements
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports
  • Oversees payroll and accounts payable functions
  • Assists the Town Manager in preparation of the Town’s operating budget
  • Projects revenues and spending
  • Provides information to the Manager and Town Council on a variety of financial issues
  • Attends Board meetings when needed
  • Monitors budget during the year and prepares budget amendments
  • Oversees the collection of revenues by the town, ensuring proper tracking of funds
  • Prepares a variety of reports including Local Government Commission reports, annual sales tax, utility, Powell Bill and other tax and expenditure reports to the State
  • Performs budgetary accounting and general ledger preparation and maintenance
  • Assists the auditors during the annual audit of Town financial records
  • Submits periodic statements of the financial condition of the Town to the Town Council

A summary of the 2018/2019 Audit can be viewed by clicking on the presentation below.
FY18/19 audit pic