Board of Adjustment

Under North Carolina law, each municipality that enforces zoning regulations is required to have a Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment consists of seven members. Two of the seven members will serve as alternates. The term of office of each member and alternate member of the Board of Adjustment shall be for three years.

While the powers and duties of the Board of Adjustment are outlined in state statutes; the primary responsibilities of the Board of Adjustment are: hearing and deciding appeals where an order, requirement, or decision of the Administrator is alleged to be in error; hear and decide upon requests for variances from the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance; and hear and decide upon requests for special exceptions.

Membership on this board takes a special commitment because the Board of Adjustment conducts their hearing in accordance with judicial rules of procedure and decisions can be publicly unpopular as rulings of the Board must be made based upon strict interpretation of applicable laws and not upon public opinion or desire. The members of the Board of Adjustment shall receive no compensation for their services. Meetings: The Board of Adjustment meets at the call of the Chairman in the Town Hall, 980 Malcolm Blvd, Rutherford College, NC.