Stormwater Management

You might be wondering why we would devote a whole webpage to stormwater issues? There are many reasons for concerned citizens to pay attention to the role stormwater runoff plays in our local environment. Some of those include:

  • Stormwater runoff washes contaminants from our lawns, streets, houses, and sidewalks into our storm drains. In our coastal environment, stormwater runoff can cause unnatural freshwater flows, which can be detrimental to coastal marine life.

  • Contaminants in stormwater can give rise to:
    • Fish Kills
    • Harmful algae blooms
    • Eco-system destruction

The Town of Rutherford College provides stormwater management services for areas in the Town Corporate Limits and the ETJ-Extraterritorial Planning Jurisdiction. Stormwater Management is a common term that refers to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). We are working hard to inform the citizens of Rutherford College about the important role that we all play in keeping our city clean and beautiful. Everything that goes onto our lawns, streets, and sidewalks eventually makes its way into our storm drain system, and subsequently into our streams, springs, ground water, rivers, and the ocean. Public Awareness is key.

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Stormwater Complaints or Questions

If you have questions about stormwater or complaints about runoff and erosion, contact:

Report illicit discharges to our Code Enforcement Office at Town Hall. If you see a discharge that appears to be an immediate threat to people or property call 911. Report anything that is not water that you observe entering the storm drain system (ex. oil, gas, chemicals). If you see anything spilled in the streets or gutters, report that as well and make note of the color, amount, odor, etc. If you see someone dumping a suspicious product on the streets, curbs, or in private lots, take down information about them/their vehicle and report them. NEVER get too close to a strange discharge because it may be dangerous!

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