Pigmaster's BBQ Challenge


RESCHEDULED DUE TO COVID-19***************** NEW DATE- SEPTEMBER 11-12, 2020*********************

The Town of Rutherford College is excited to announce that it will be hosting a Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned competition, "Pigmaster's BBQ Challenge" on April 17-18, 2020 SEPTEMBER 11-12, 2020. This will be the only KCBS event in Burke County. KCBS sanctions barbecue and grilling competitions across the US and promotes barbecue as America's cuisine. KCBS has an extensive certified barbecue judging program and is the largest society of barbecue enthusiasts in the world with over 20,000 members worldwide.

The Pigmaster's BBQ Challenge will consist of 24 competitors from all over the southeast region of the United States. Most of these competitors have never been to or even heard of Burke County. Our goal is to promote not only Rutherford College but the entire County as a great place to spend a weekend and enjoy some great tasting barbecue. The event will be a Master Series Sanctioned Contest that requires the teams to cook 4 types of meat (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, and Pork Brisket).

The event will also consist of a Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) contest on Friday, September 11th.  Do you cook the best steak in your neighborhood?  Are you the king of your cul-de-sac? Bring your backyard skills to an SCA sanctioned cookoff and compete for cash, trophies, prizes at a one day event. Most SCA steak cookoffs feature a $1000 first place prize and typically will pay the top ten places in the steak category! The SCA's primary focus is STEAK, but we also conduct ancillary categories to challenge cookers and involve the entire family. Our goal is to create a fun relaxed environment and a fair competition. It's about cooking, not who has the most money.  The promoters of SCA events provide all the steaks, to ensure a level playing field. Our double blind judging process adds to the integrity and the best cook wins. SCA events are family friendly and it's common to see the entire family participating.  We've had husbands and wives create their own teams to compete against each other, even father and sons, and sometimes three generations competing at the same event . If you have a passion for grilling and the great outdoors sign up for an event today. You will meet a great group of people that soon become friends and you too will use #SCAFAMILY. 

final team list